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Here FD is getting up to 7.25% returns, this way you can avail benefits


Here FD is getting up to 7.25% returns, this way you can avail benefits 1

New Delhi. ‘Saving one rupee equals one rupee’ From seniors preparing for retirement to college students starting their first jobs, almost everyone must have heard this saying at some point in their lives. Investment objectives for people vary, and most people want to invest in instruments that provide attractive returns and savings. In such a case, fixed deposits are a big tool, where your rupee is also safe and returns are guaranteed. On the other hand, Bajaj Finance is offering the best rate of interest in fixed deposits. Let us also tell you how much interest you are getting here.

7.25 percent interest
The Reserve Bank of India has recently taken several measures to increase liquidity in the market and on the same lines repo rates were reduced several times last year. Due to this, FD rates were cut by most financiers, due to which FD rates are currently only between 4 to 6 percent. Compared to the current market situation, Bajaj Finance is offering maximum interest rates of up to 7.25 per cent on FDs, the highest in the market. Non-senior citizens can benefit from the interest rates of up to 7 percent, plus they can avail an additional rate of 0.10 percent by investing online through the Bajaj Finserv website. Senior citizens can invest by any means to increase their savings with assured returns of up to 7.25 per cent.

After all, why invest in FD
1. Highest safety rating: Bajaj Finance FD has been given the highest safety rating by FAAA by CRISIL and MAAA by ICRA, which ensures an increase in your savings as well as its safety.

2. Customers’ trust: The trust of over 2,50,000 happy FD customers proves that your deposits in Bajaj Finance FD are always safe.

3. Tremendous deposit book: Bajaj Finance has a deposit book of Rs 23,000 crore, which once again reflects the trust of customers.

4. The number of unclaimed deposits is 0 (zero): Bajaj Finance is the only NBFC with a ‘zero claim deposit’ which is known to provide timely payment as well as a superior experience to customers with no default.

5. Company’s strong credit: Before investing in any FD, it is extremely important to assess the company’s position in the market and evaluate standalone performance.

Attractive quarterly results
Bajaj Finserv’s January 2021 quarter results showed a 15 per cent year-on-year increase in consolidated net profit. With excellent profitability, growth, asset quality and capital-adequacy ratio, investing in Bajaj Finance FD guarantees you the maximum security of your deposits.

Invest online
Along with maximum security of your deposit capital, Bajaj Finance also allows you to invest comfortably at your home through Bajaj Finance online FD. You can choose a time period of 12 to 60 months to invest, and before investing you can get the information of easy returns with the help of FD return calculator.

Save with SDP
In addition, those who want to increase their savings by saving every month, Bajaj Finance offers the facility of saving through the Systematic Deposit Plan (or SDP). This is the first such monthly savings plan, which helps you to increase your savings in a systematic way, with savings of just Rs 5000 per month.

Market fluctuations
Keeping in mind the constant fluctuations in the market as well as the need to deposit money to meet its financial needs, Bajaj Finance emerges as the best medium of online FD investment. To increase your savings in a very safe manner, choose the smart option to invest in Bajaj Finance FD.


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