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If you are making calls from landline, then this work will have to be done from January 15


If you are making calls from landline, then this work will have to be done from January 15 1

new Delhi. After 50 days, that is, even after 15 days of the new year, it will be mandatory to apply zero before dialing the mobile from the landline. This news for those people who use landline phones more even today. In fact, Trai’s recommendations have been approved by the Department of Telecommunications to ensure that more numbers are distributed in the future for fixed lines and mobiles. Due to this, this new system is happening. This will be implemented from 15 January.

Zero must be mandatory
From 15 January, when calling from landline to mobile, ‘zero’ has to be applied before the number. According to the information issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, it will be mandatory to call zero from January 15, 2021 on all fixed line mobile phones. There will be no change in calling from landline to landline, mobile to landline and mobile to mobile. An appropriate announcement will be made for this.

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That is why arrangements are being made
This announcement will be heard when a user joins the mobile from the landline without adding a zero. All landline users will be provided zero dial facility. According to the ministry, this will be able to meet the demand for more numbers in the future. Mobile subscribers will benefit in a big way by adding new numbers in the coming time, if enough space is created for new numbers. For this new change, care has been taken that the users do not have any problem and create enough space for the new numbers.


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