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International Monetary Fund Report: India will come down from Bangladesh in this case!


International Monetary Fund Report: India will come down from Bangladesh in this case! 1

new Delhi. According to the International Monetary Fund Report, the current financial year is not looking better for India in many respects. Where the IMF report is estimated to be 10.3 per cent of India’s GDP. At the same time, per capita GDP of India has also been estimated to be 10.3 percent. If this estimate is corrected, then India will go worse than Bangladesh in terms of GDP per capita. Let us also tell you what kind of data has been presented by the IMF.

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Estimate of per capita GDP from Bangladesh
According to the report released on Tuesday, India’s per capita GDP will fall by 10.3 per cent to $ 1877 by the current financial year i.e. March 31, 2021, while neighboring Bangladesh’s per capita GDP is projected to grow 4 per cent to $ 1,888 in 2020. is. This means that India’s per capita earnings are likely to be lower than Bangladesh. Surprisingly, India is Asia’s third major economic powerhouse. In comparison, Bangladesh’s economy is nothing. Even after that, Bangladesh has been trailing India for the last few years.

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What was estimated in June
Earlier in June, the IMF had estimated per capita GDP to fall by 4.5 per cent. However, the IMF has set a GDP growth of 8.8 per cent in the next financial year, after which once again it will become the fastest growing economy. China’s growth rate during this period has been estimated to be 8.2 percent. According to the IMF report, the global economy is projected to decline by 4.4 per cent during the current financial year. Whereas in 2021, it may see a strong growth of 5.2 per cent. According to the report, in the year 2020, only China can be the only country which will see a growth of 1.9 percent in GDP.


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