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Keep these things in mind before buying a health insurance policy in the era of Corona


Keep these things in mind before buying a health insurance policy in the era of Corona 1

New Delhi. The absence of a health insurance policy in the Corona crisis is a sign of great danger. During a medical emergency, this insurance helps us to avoid huge expenses. In today’s era people are giving utmost importance to health insurance policy. But while buying a health policy, special care should be taken of these things.

Take a separate health plan

If you are working in a company, then in addition to the health insurance here, you should also keep a second health policy. With this, you can avoid the big crisis of medical expenses in case of job loss. You must run the health policy taken at the beginning of the job for the rest of your life. This will make you pay less premium.

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Cases get worse due to lack of money

Statistics from the Health Department of the Government of India show that 80 percent of medical emergencies in the country worsen due to lack of money. At the time of accident, not only do you have to spend money on treatment, but your earning capacity also decreases. In such a situation, medical insurance helps you a lot. With a small premium in health insurance, you can avoid huge medical expenses.

Take a health cover of five to seven lakhs

Many people feel hesitant in taking health insurance. They think it is a waste of money. But if you or your family members need a medical emergency, then your savings can be exhausted. It is prudent to take a health cover of 5 to 7 lakhs by paying a nominal premium.

Buy health plans wisely

Before taking a health plan, understand the conditions carefully. Take help of an expert. You can also compare health plans from different companies on the online site. You can get detailed information about them. Read every clause of the policy carefully. Be sure to read the information about the given clause regarding all types of diseases.

Benefit of no claim bonus

Health cover should be taken at a young age. Insurance taken before the age of 40 is of great benefit. Young people usually have fewer diseases. For this reason companies keep the premium amount low for them. On renewing the health plan every year, they continue to get the benefit of No Claim Bonus.

Do not take cover for pre-existing disease

If you have a critical illness that requires long-term treatment. Claiming in such a situation means that your premium will continue to increase. Don’t fall into this trap of getting a new policy. Buy a health policy that can be renewed any time in life. The objective of buying a health plan is to have financial security from the expenses incurred on the treatment of diseases at an older age. This should be taken care of. Your risk of diseases is highest when you approach retirement. Being free from work, you do not have much money for treatment. Buy a health policy keeping these things in mind.

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Understand coverage options

Buyers should understand what insurance offers and what is not covered. Also, check whether the insurer provides coverage for COVID-19.

insurance company background check

Do your research about the insurance company and study their past record in claim settlement. The buyer should also be aware of the average time taken by the company to settle the claims.


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