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Know how cheap or expensive gold and silver have come, the latest prices have come


Know how cheap or expensive gold and silver have come, the latest prices have come 1

new Delhi. The price of gold and silver is continuously increasing. Where gold is trading below 50 thousand in Indian futures market. While the price of silver is trading at Rs 64 thousand per kg. Experts believe that in the month of November, gold was 8 thousand rupees and silver 21 thousand rupees cheaper than the record level. Investors are taking advantage of this cheap gold and silver price. Due to which the prices are getting faster. Let us tell you that in four years, the biggest fall has been seen in the price of gold in the month of November.

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Rise in gold prices
Indian futures market data is showing a rise in gold prices. Currently, gold is trading at Rs. 49,374 per ten grams with a gain of Rs. 72 per ten grams at 9.50 pm. Whereas today gold opened at 9 am at Rs 49415 per ten grams. On Thursday night, gold had closed at Rs 49,302 per ten grams. According to experts, there is scope for further increase in the price of gold.

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Silver also becomes expensive
On the other hand, on the other hand, silver is trading at Rs. 63,781 per kg at the current time ie 9.50 am. Silver is trading at Rs. 151 per kg. While today silver is trading at Rs 63,722 per kg. On Thursday, silver had closed at Rs 63,630 per kg. According to experts, today silver is watching at the level of 64 thousand rupees per kg.

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Gold and silver in foreign markets
Talking about foreign markets, the US markets are trading on COMEX with a slight uptick in both gold and silver. Gold is trading at $ 1845.50 an ons, with a rise of $ 4.40 an ons. While silver is trading 0.34 percent up at $ 24.22 an ons. According to experts, gold and silver may be seen trading at the same level for the next few days.

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