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LIC Aadhaar Shila: Women can take insurance for Rs 250, coverage up to 3 lakh


LIC Aadhaar Shila: Women can take insurance for Rs 250, coverage up to 3 lakh 1

new Delhi. There are policies for many different categories from Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). The cornerstone scheme is good for women. In this, insurance can be taken for just 250 rupees. In this policy, the minimum insurance cover is Rs 75000 and maximum insurance cover is Rs 3 lakh. This policy can be taken from 10 years to 20 years. It is a guaranteed return endowment scheme. Bonus facility is available in this. So how to invest in the policy and what will be the benefits, know the full details.

Benefits of policy
On availing the Aadharshila insurance plan, you get the benefit of auto cover in addition to the discount on the premium. Women can also take this plan without getting medical. There is an exemption of income tax on premium. The good thing is that if you want to return the policy after taking insurance, then you can take advantage of the 15-day free look period. This insurance can also be canceled within 15 days.

Who can take the plan
LIC Aadhaar Shila Policy is for women only. It can be taken by women between 8 and 55 years old. It has to pay regular premium. If the investor dies during the policy, financial assistance is provided to the family. To get this plan, it is necessary to have an Aadhaar card.

How much will be the premium
If a woman takes this policy at the age of 31, whose duration is 20 years, then they will have to pay the first year’s premium of Rs 10,959 with 4.5% tax. Whereas it will be Rs 10,723 after the first year premium with 2.25 per cent. Therefore, you have to save Rs 29 daily. In this case, a total of Rs 214696 will have to be deposited, while on maturity you will get Rs 3.97 lakh. You can pay its premium monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. You can choose it according to yourself. LIC also gives an additional 15 to 30 days to pay premiums. If you want to cancel the policy, you can cancel it within 15 days after taking the plan.


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