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Meera advises husband Shahid Kapoor on wedding anniversary – never forget wife is always right


Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput, one of Bollywood’s cute couple, have their wedding anniversary today. Please tell that both of them have been married for 5 years. On this special occasion, Meera has shared a lovely post. While sharing a photo of marriage with Shahid, Meera wrote, ‘5 years, 4 people, 3 homes, 2 children and a loving family. I love you more every day. I am the luckiest girl in this world who got the love of my life as the best friend. Thank you for being my strength and for supporting me everywhere. I love you’.

Meera further wrote, ‘No one can do the way you make me laugh and sometimes I am laughing at you’.

Finally Meera wrote, “And never forget this – Biwi is always right and three golden words will always be ‘I am sorry’.”

Please tell that once during the No Filter Neha chat show, Shahid had said about the relationship of the two, ‘We never start fighting on any issue. But I am very happy that Meera is in my life. I know she is the best for me. Well I’m good for that too ‘.

Mother-in-law also praised

In an interview a few days ago, Shahid’s mother Neelima said, “Meera has kept the whole family together. Meera has given a lot of love and happiness to Shahid and the whole family. ‘

Neelima further said, ‘When Shahid liked Meera, I went to meet him. I found Meera very sweet and young. I thought she was a child, so cute and naive. But then Meera handled the family well. Meera handled herself very well. My family is now complete. ‘

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