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Mobile number will have to be linked to Aadhaar to get Corona vaccine, learn procedure


Mobile number will have to be linked to Aadhaar to get Corona vaccine, learn procedure 1

new Delhi. Vaccination work has begun to defeat the corona epidemic. For this, a vaccination campaign is being conducted in the country. In the first phase, about 3 crore Corona Warriors are being vaccinated. After this, the rest of the people will come. It is necessary to link the Aadhaar number with the mobile number so that common citizens can get the vaccine at the right time and there is no problem in it. On the same lines, the government will send all the information about vaccination to your registered mobile number.

Must download app

For vaccination, it is very important to have Aadhaar proof. This will allow you to know when you have the first and second doses. The entire vaccination process will be monitored through the Win app. It is a digital platform that can be downloaded for free. The Kovin app will act as a platform for the vaccination process, administrative activities, immunization personnel and those who are vaccinated. It has 5 modules. First Administrative Module, Second Registration Module, Third Vaccination Module, Fourth Benefit Approval Module and Fifth Report Module.

Will get temporary certificate

A temporary certificate is being given to the vaccine holder after the first dose. It is fully equipped with QR code. It has been made mandatory for 28 days. A second certificate will be issued after taking the second dose of the vaccine. In which the photo of the beneficiary will be put.

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