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Mothers Day 2021: 5 financial gifts to your mother, from Mutual Funds to Gold Bonds


Mothers Day 2021: 5 financial gifts to your mother, from Mutual Funds to Gold Bonds 1

Mothers Day 2021 But we are busy searching for good gifts for our mother. So that we can tell them how special they are for us. At the same time, all traditional gifts are for a short time. Then there is neither their existence nor use. If we have to give something to our mother, then why not give something that will increase her spending power, her financial independence and security can last her life. Today we are going to tell you five such ideas, which you can surprise by giving as a gift for your mother on Mother’s Day.

Financial advisor
If your mother does not already work with a financial professional, you can gift them a similar service. A financial advisor can help your mother manage her financial portfolio and help her move towards her retirement goals to use her money better.

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Stocks / Mutual Funds
If your mother is interested in investing, it can be a very interesting idea to gift her the shares of your favorite company. Even if it is not a keen investor, good quality equity stocks can give higher returns in the future. You can gift the shares by transferring them directly to the demat account of the recipient. In return, the recipient must fill out a receipt instruction with the required details and submit it to their depository participant.
Mutual fund units are not transferable. Therefore, to make a gift to MF, either redeem the mutual fund units and gift the income to your mother on this Mother’s Day, or transfer the funds to her account and buy the fund on her behalf.

Gold bond
If you are looking for a real rate of return, then taking gold bonds may be a better option than replacing physical gold. Global uncertainty will increase gold prices further. In addition there is sovereign guarantee of payment and there is no chance of default at the time of redemption. In addition, according to the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, bonds can be gifted or transferred to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria. In this case, Gold Bonds can be taken as a gift to his mother on Mother’s Day.

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Health insurance
Giving his mother a health cover assures him of the best medical care he needs without any stress on his finances. The Indian market currently ends up with options on healthcare plans, with many insurance providers offering family floater healthcare plans specifically designed to include senior members of the family. However, if your mother is over 50 years of age, the options are limited. But the good news is that many companies are now coming up with Mediclaim Policy made specifically for senior citizens, so you can choose to do so as well.

Senior Citizen Savings Schemes
If your mother was working and is over 60 years of age, you can also gift her the benefits of senior citizen savings schemes. The Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is a government-backed savings instrument that provides 7.40 per cent savings per year. The deposit matures after five years from the date of account opening but can be extended for an additional three years. However, the upper limit for investment in Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is Rs 15 lakh. SCSS gives senior citizens a high fixed rate of return and a regular income on a quarterly basis.

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