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New feature linked to RuPay card, now you can do money transactions even without internet


New feature linked to RuPay card, now you can do money transactions even without internet 1

new Delhi. In order to further improve India’s indigenous payment system (RuPay Card), a new feature has been added to it. Through which customers will be able to make offline payments. Internet will not be required for this. This process will help people in remote areas and small towns to make transactions. The National Payment Corporation of India has added a new option to the RuPay contactless card. Experimental work is being done on this. However, it is necessary to have a point of sale in the area for the transaction.

In areas where internet facility is not easily available or the signals are weak, the new feature of RuPay card will prove to be effective in such places. Small transactions can be done through this. Customers can use it for payment of metro tickets, bus tickets, cab fairs etc. Its specialty is that it works much faster than ordinary transactions. The main objective of NPCI behind adding this feature is to help fulfill the dream of cashless economy. According to him, this will strengthen the digital payments in the country. It is known that such service was recently approved by the Reserve Bank. In the Corona period, contact equipped transactions have helped people. This does not require entering passwords for small transactions.

According to NPCI, this payment is different from online payment mode. The cardholder who needs a separate wallet will get this facility in RuPay card. It works quite fast. After filling in this information, just click on OK. By doing this, the payment process will be completed in a pinch. With the new feature, RuPay cardholders can easily make contact-equipped offline payments on POS in limited networked areas.


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