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Women workers can get 51 thousand rupees with labor card, learn the easy process of making the card


Women workers can get 51 thousand rupees with labor card, learn the easy process of making the card 1

new Delhi. In order to improve the economic condition of the workers and to give them convenience, the Delhi government is running a special scheme. Under this, the workers are provided with many basic facilities through labor cards. Women workers have been given priority in this. Therefore, for his and daughter’s wedding, along with financial assistance of 51 thousand rupees, health related facilities etc. are provided. In such a situation, some easy procedures have to be followed to get a labor card made.

You will get convenience from home
Earlier, the government had to visit government offices for the application of labor cards. But now the Delhi government has given its convenience. Now workers can apply for this through just a phone call sitting at home. To do this, they have to call the 1076 helpline number issued by the government. In this, you have to be registered by revealing your name, address and mobile number. This process will be found under doorstep service.

Which documents will be required
After getting registered for the labor card, the members posted by the Delhi government will go to the laborer’s house and copy all his documents and fill his data in the online form. During this time, the laborer will need an identity card and passport size photo of him. The form will be approved on completion of the process. Within a week of doing this, workers can download their labor card via the Internet. Hard copy of this will also be sent to their home.

Benefits of labor card
All registered workers will get the benefit of labor card. Under this, a woman laborer will be given 51 thousand rupees for her or daughter’s marriage. However, it is necessary to register as a laborer for at least three years. At the same time, till the birth of two children, the woman laborer or the wife of a male laborer will get maternity benefit of Rs 30.30 thousand. Ten thousand rupees will be given on being hospitalized for five days or more. Apart from this, from the education of children to their marriage, the government will also provide financial help.

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