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Personal blogging is an easy way to earn from home, these are important tips


Personal blogging is an easy way to earn from home, these are important tips 1

By the way, till now the option of personal blogging was limited to those women, who are thinking of doing something from home with the responsibility of household work. But in the Corona epidemic, the way people are doing something from home, they can not only take their hobby of writing far and wide but can also earn from it. Under personal blog, apart from writing on a particular topic, you can also share your experience to others. If you are starting to write a personal blog, then it is important to be aware of many things.

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blog account
There are many sites on the internet where you can open your blog account. The special thing is that there are both paid and free websites, from where you can start blog writing. In general, a paid blog account is considered better.

also promote
Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) is helpful after opening a personal blog account. Share the blog by creating your profile here. The more your users increase here, the better it will be for your blog.

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Adsense account required
The purpose for which you have started your personal blog i.e. to earn money, create an Adsense account. To increase the traffic on the blog, it is necessary to have ads on the blog. So you can earn money by allowing Adsense in the blog.

make no mistake
If you are starting blogging for the first time, then you can know everything about this from the internet. Think about what interests you and want to write. Then choose the right platform. Remember the ID-password of the blog account.

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