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Petrol-Diesel Price: No need to worry about expensive petrol-diesel, save a lot of money in this way


Petrol-Diesel Price: No need to worry about expensive petrol-diesel, save a lot of money in this way 1

New Delhi. Due to the continuous increase in the prices of petrol and diesel across the country, not only common but special people are also in bad condition. Despite this, if you want to get petrol and diesel cheaply, then you can do so. You can do this through Fuel Credit Cards while buying petrol and diesel. But before taking fuel credit cards of any company, you must get information about whose credit card you can get the most benefit in taking. After getting the information, get fuel credit cards made as per your choice and get relief from inflation of petrol and diesel through cashback, value point and other attractive schemes.

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71 liters of oil will be available every year for free

You can get 71 liters of petrol and diesel for free in a year by paying with Indian Oil Citi Credit Card. This credit card is best for fuel purchases. The most important thing is that the reward points (turbo points) never expire and by redeeming the fuel points, you can get up to 71 liters of free fuel annually.

50 liters of petrol and diesel annually

You can earn Reward Points by taking Fuel Points at IOCL outlets with IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card. With this card, you will get 5 percent fuel points on the payment at Indian Oil’s petrol pump. By redeeming fuel points, you can get up to 50 liters of fuel annually.

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7.25% Valueback

According to the information given on the SBI Card website, you will get 7.25 percent cashback (including 1 percent surcharge waiver) and 6.25 percent cashback on Bharat Gas spending on fuel and lubricants at BPCL’s petrol pump stations.

5% cashback

5 percent cashback on fuel consumption at petrol pump stations with Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card. For this the expenditure should be 2000 rupees or less. Through this offer, you can get a maximum cashback of Rs 200 in a month.

HPCL is giving 4% cashback

At HPCL petrol pump stations, you will get the benefit of 4 percent cashback on Uni Karbonn credit card payments and 1.50% cashback on HP Wallet payments. There will also be a waiver of 1% surcharge on this.

4% valueback on IOCL pumps

With IndianOil Axis Bank Credit Card, you get 20 Reward Points for every Rs.100 Pay at IndianOil Pumps. That is, the benefit of 4% valueback.

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