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Pharmaceutical companies have given rich earnings to investors, have given more than double returns in 6 months


Pharmaceutical companies have given rich earnings to investors, have given more than double returns in 6 months 1

new Delhi. In the month of March, when the corona virus started spreading in the country and the lockdown process started in the country, the stock market saw a tremendous decline. There is no such sector left, no company whose shares have not fallen. Common investors suffered greatly. After that a sector emerged which not only recovered itself but also gave investors a chance to earn. In the last six months, the sector and its companies have given double returns to investors. Yes, it is none other than this but the healthcare sector. Shares of pharma companies have seen an increase of more than double since March. Today we are going to tell you about the top 10 companies listed in the stock market, which gave investors a chance to earn more than double …

Pharma sector in its best ever
Talking about the pharma sector, it is currently going through the best phase in the history of the stock market. The sector reached the alltime hike this month. Whereas in the month of March he also went on his alltime low. If we look at the data on BSE, on September 18, 2020, the pharma sector was present at 20689.07 points, which is an alltime hike. This is also the height of 52 weeks. On 23 March 2020, Healthcare saw its history as the lowest level of 10947.99. In these six months, the pharma sector has grown almost double.

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Many pharma companies gave more than double returns
At the same time, if you talk about pharma companies, then all the pharma companies have shown a boom in the stock market since March. If we talk about the top ten companies, since March, now these pharma companies have made the highest earnings. Dr. Reddy, Metropolis, Cipla, Apollo, Sun Pharma, Biocon have all given more than double returns. The special thing is that the shares of all the companies have reached the height of 52 weeks in this month of September. From Cadila to Reddy and from Laurus to Biocon, all companies have increased their market cap, while investors have also made big money. These stocks have proved to be very profitable for investors.

These pharmaceutical companies gave double returns in 6 months

name of the company Lowest share price in march Share price in september

Dr. Reddy

2497.60 5514.65
Metropolis healthcare 993.20 2039
Cipla 365.75 819
Apollo Hospitals 1047.45 2045
IPCA Lab. 1162 2235.80
Laurus Lab 309.50 1549.80
Granules india 114.50 395
Sun Pharma 315.20 564.90
Biocon limited 235.80 463.55
Cadila Healthcare 212.70 422.80

These companies are working on the Kovid vaccine
Cadila healthcare company in the country is working on Kovid vaccine very quickly. The country also has high hopes for this company because the swine flu medicine was also prepared by this company, but this time it is facing the corona virus epidemic. In such a situation, the challenge is much bigger this time. On the other hand, ICMR has also received approval from Sun Pharma to manufacture the Kovid vaccine. The vaccine trial has started. By the way, more companies of the country are working on the Corona vaccine by doing foreign collaborations.


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