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Post Office gives convenience to customers, now RD can be deposited online from home


Post Office gives convenience to customers, now RD can be deposited online from home 1

new Delhi. Post office has launched a new service so that there is no problem in depositing money to the customers during the Corona period. Now customers can easily deposit money online from home. This facility will be available to RD account holders in the post office. To protect people from inconvenience during the epidemic, the IPPB i.e. Indian Post Payment Bank App Service has been launched by the post office. In such a situation, people who have opened RD (Reccuring Deposit) in the post office can fill the installments deposited every month online through this app.

It may be known that RD is a popular scheme run by the posting deposit post office. Which is a better option for those with small savings. Customers get good interest in this account opened for at least 5 years. Only 100 can be invested in this account. In this scheme you can take interest on quarterly basis. To run an RD account, you can deposit installments on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. Penalty also has to be paid for not depositing the money in RD account on time. If the customer does not deposit the installment 4 times in a row, the account is closed. In such a situation, customers can activate it again within the next 2 months.

Learn how IPPB app will work
Through this app you can deposit money in your RD account sitting at home. For this you have to go to DOP Products and select RD option. Fill in your RD account number and DOP Customer ID here. Then fill in the RD installment period and the amount. Now go to the payment option and submit it. The notification will come on your registered number as soon as the money is deposited.


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