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Shop at a bargain at cheap prices, you will be affected


Shop at a bargain at cheap prices, you will be affected 1

New Delhi: In the era of corona epidemic, social distancing has been given special importance. In such a situation, it was difficult to buy goods of people’s needs without going to the shop. People got a better option through online shopping. In the Corona era, people bought everything they needed online. In particular, it was becoming difficult to buy groceries at the time of lockdown, for which people chose the option of online. Seeing the same needs of the people, the Dealshare app worked hard to deliver rations and other items to the needy within the deadline at a reasonable price during the Corona epidemic. Due to which dealshare has become a trusted brand of customer today.

Free delivery is identified within the time limit
As compared to other online stores, Dealshare works hard to cater to the needs of its customers. The result of the same belief is that more than 2 million members have joined the Dealshare family. Dealshare delivers all goods to its customers within the timeframe without delivery charge. Dealshare acts as a chain between manufacturers and buyers to give maximum benefits to its customers. Dealshare tries to provide goods to its customers at a cheaper price than the wholesale price.

Dealshare protects from middlemen
In the traditional market, there is a long chain between manufacturer to buyer. Every unit of this chain has its own profit which reads heavily on the end buyer’s pocket, so as to provide relief, Dealshare provides its customers with groceries and other necessities in the factory. Offers at prices of Rs. One of the major reasons for Dealshare’s popularity is that this app gives its customers quality deals every hour. Even Dealshare offers products at a lower price than supermarkets.

Dealshare family has spread to 25 cities in 5 states
The Dealshare app has kept purity and reasonable prices as its mantra, as a result, today, over 20 lakh customers have been added to the Dealshare family in 25 cities across 5 states. Whom Dealshare considers a member of his family. And trusts to share profits. For this, Dealshare has given more than 1 crore prize including cars, scooters, TV as reward.
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