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Potato, onion and cereal give big relief to Modi government, when the burden of common people is reduced


Potato, onion and cereal give big relief to Modi government, when the burden of common people is reduced 1

New Delhi. The wholesale inflation rate in January 2021 has seen a decline in the same period of last year due to falling prices due to increase in arrival of vegetables, potatoes, onions and cereals. Whereas wholesale inflation has shown an increase compared to December 2020. Let us also tell you what kind of data the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry has presented on Monday.

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Fall in wholesale inflation
There has been a big fall in wholesale inflation over January 2020 last year. According to the data, the wholesale inflation rate has been recorded at 2.03 percent in January 2021, compared to 3.52 percent in January 2020. The special thing is that in December 2020, there was an increase in wholesale inflation. According to data released on Monday by the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the wholesale inflation tax rate was recorded at 1.22 per cent in December 2020.

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Price drop
According to the data, prices of food items have declined in January 2021. The market remains inward and demand is normal. In the month under review, the prices of coarse cereals were 7.34 percent, 0.12 percent in paddy, 11.62 percent in wheat, 22.04 percent in pulses, 32.53 percent in onion, 14.96 percent in crude oil and natural gas, 10.29 percent in petrol and 13.65 percent in high speed diesel. The percentage has decreased. Prices of meat, fish and egg have come down by 1.76 percent. In the same month, the prices of fruits have gone up by 3.08 per cent, 3.56 per cent by milk, 8.85 per cent by tahn and 2.68 per cent by LPG LPG.

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Prices may go ahead
At the same time, there may be an increase in the wholesale inflation rate in the coming days. In fact, from January till now, the price of diesel can be increased by more than Rs 5 per liter. Because of which vegetables can see an increase in the rest of the price. While the price of crude oil may continue to rise.


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