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Priyanka Chopra shares first date photo with Nick, says- Thank you for making my life awesome


Fans are very fond of the pair of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Both enjoy each moment with each other. Now recently both have shared a special post for each other. Actually, Priyanka and Nick met each other 2 years ago and while celebrating their date anniversary, both of them have written a special message for each other on social media.

Priyanka while sharing the first photo of her date, Priyanka wrote, ‘2 years ago on this day we took the first photo together. Since that day you have brought only happiness in my life. I love you nick Thank you for making my life great. ‘

While sharing a photo with Priyanka, Nick wrote, ‘2 years ago today, I went on a date with this beautiful lady. These 2 years were the best years of my life and I am very happy that I will spend my whole life with them. I love you babe.

Quality time spends together in lockdown …

These days Nick is teaching Priyanka the piano. Priyanka recently told that Nick trains her 30-45 minutes daily. At the same time, Nick said about Priyanka, ‘Priyanka is very musical and has a musical career as well. He has also sung songs. But I am not a good teacher. ‘ Nick also revealed that Priyanka is helping him a lot in her show The Voice and she enjoys it.

During an interview recently, when Nick was asked how his quarantine with wife Priyanka was going, he said, ‘Mary and Pre (Priyanka) have been married for 1.5 years. Both of us could not spend much time with each other because of our work, but these days we have got a chance to spend quality time with each other.

Nick further said, ‘These days we do workouts together, we do our work during the day and then at night we are together which is very lovely. Priyanka is the best and I love being at home with her. ‘

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