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RBI can continue its soft stance in MPC meeting, says what knowledgeable


RBI can continue its soft stance in MPC meeting, says what knowledgeable 1

new Delhi. Like last year, this year also the danger of corona virus appears to be looming. More than 50 thousand cases are being seen every day. The Reserve Bank of India is also monitoring the corona cases. According to experts, this time the interest rate may again be stable in the Monetary Policy Meeting. Let us tell you that the first monetary policy meeting of the new financial year will be held on 7 April.

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There was no change last time
A monetary review meeting was held on February 5 last month, in which the committee did not see any change in interest rates. According to experts, this time also the attitude of the Reserve Bank of not making any change in the interest rates can be seen. According to experts, one will wait for the appropriate opportunity for monetary action, so that measures can be taken to encourage growth with the main goal of controlling inflation.

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New restrictions apply
According to a report, cases of Kovid 19 virus are continuously increasing. In many states, new curbs have been put in place. Due to which industrial production can be seen once again. It is being seen again in debt. According to experts, there is no stability in consumer inflation. Since February 2020, there has been a tremendous reduction of 1.15% in the repo rate. In such a situation, the Reserve Bank may possibly keep the policy rates unchanged.


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