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This company did not have mobiles, it would have been profitable to buy shares


This company did not have mobiles, it would have been profitable to buy shares 1

New Delhi. If you are fond of buying Apple’s Gadget iPhone (IPHONE), iPad (IPAD) or MacBook, Smart Watch (SMART WATCH), then think about stopping once. Those who showed this wisdom in the year 2020 have achieved what they have achieved, let us also understand this.

If you had shown sense …
If you had shown understanding, then how much money would you have made if you had bought shares instead of Apple’s gadget? The stock share price of the company was Rs 3537.16 ($ 48.19) on 14 June 2019, which has increased to Rs 8912.27 ($ 121.42). In this way, Apple is the first American company to become a $ 2 trillion company. In the same way, how much benefit would have been invested in Apple’s other products?

Fourfold increase in value day and night
The data clearly says that if you had invested the iPad in Apple instead of buying it at the same time of launch, then you would have earned 9293% in 11 years. In the same way, 2585 percent in 14 years in iPhone, 4383 percent in MacBook, 9118 percent in 16 years on Mac Mini, 34035 percent in 20 years in iPod, 31924 percent in 22 years in iMac and 89823 percent in 37 years in Macintosh. Get it.

If the product was worth the investment …
Product Value Investment Current Value of Investment
Ipad 36 thousand 10 april 2010 5.09 lakh
Iphone 36 thousand 29 June 2007 9.82 lakhs
Macbook 80 thousand 16 May 2006 36.12 lakh
Mac Mini 36 thousand 22 January 2005 33.72 Lakh
Ipod 29 thousand 23 october 2001 99.87 lakh
IMac 95 thousand 15 August 1998 3.05 crores
Macintosh 1.83 Lakh 24 January 1984 16.45 Crore

Note: Price and Value of Investment in Rupees.


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