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VIDEO: snake in ejaz khan’s garden, said- humans are more poisonous than these


There are many celebs in the Bollywood industry who keep spreading awareness about animals. They keep sharing posts including videos and photos related to their care. Recently a snake was found in the backyard of actor Ejaz Khan’s house. This is the first time a snake has been found in Ejaz’s house. Ejaz Khan has shared a video in which he can be seen rescuing a snake. Ijaz says that there is a technique to catch a snake. The snake feels the heartbeat of the human being and if it turns out to be wrong, the snake bites the person.

Ijaz further says that the man is biting the man. Many snakes come out during the rainy season. In such a situation, we should fear humans more than snakes. In the entire video, Ijaz is seen saying that poisonous humans are roaming around with you. The poor are sucking blood. They are also robbed in the corona epidemic.

Aijaz Khan’s fans are praising the actor by watching this video of him. Let us tell you that Ejaz Khan was arrested some time ago. Actually, Ejaz Khan shared a video through his Facebook account, in which he made a controversial statement. After this there was a demand on social media to arrest Ejaz Khan. He had said in the video, ‘If the ant dies, the Muslims are responsible, if the elephant dies, the Muslims are responsible, if the earthquake strikes in Delhi, the Muslims are responsible, but have you ever thought, whose conspiracy is behind all this?’

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Ijaz even said that those who are doing such a conspiracy should become corona. People were agitated after seeing this controversial video of Ejaz and they filed a complaint against Ejaz. However, he was later granted bail.

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