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When Aditya Narayan came out with eunuchs after taking the procession, see viral videos and photos


Aditya Narayan is going to tie the knot with girlfriend and actress Shweta Aggarwal today. Aditya Gaje has left with a wedding procession. Aditya who took the procession was also brought up by eunuchs. A video of Aditya’s procession is going viral on social media in which Kinnar is demanding money along with blessing Aditya.

In the video, you can see that the Kinnar groom stops Aditya’s well-worn car and asks for money. The people in the vehicle along with Aditya pay money to Kinnar. Pictures of Aditya’s procession are also going viral on social media. In the pictures, Aditya’s father and veteran singer Udit Narayan is dancing with a note in his hand. At the same time, the happiness of Aditya’s mother Deepa is also worth seeing.

Aditya Narayan went out with his girlfriend Shweta for a seven-day wedding procession, see first picture of bride and groom

Watch viral videos and pictures of Aditya’s procession-

Aditya is wearing a cream color sherwani. Along with this, matching jewelery and glasses are also worn. Aditya’s bride Shweta is also seen in a cream colored lehenga. Aditya’s father and veteran singer Udit Narayan is seen in an orange color sherwani and cream turban. Aditya’s mother Deepa Narayan looks gorgeous in a pink color Banarasi saree.

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Who was sent to Aditya’s wedding?

Udit Narayan told that to whom the invitation of the marriage of son Aditya has been sent. Udit said, ‘Both will be married in the temple which will be attended by 50 people and then there will be reception. I have sent invitations to PM Modi, Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha ji, Dharmendra ji, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Madhuri Dixit, but do not know if all these will come in view of the escalations of the Kovid case.

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