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Work from Home increases the problem of employees, will have to pay additional tax


Work from Home increases the problem of employees, will have to pay additional tax 1

Many people have lost their jobs due to Corona virus. Although some people are working from home. Due to the convenience of working from home, there was no problem in continuing work even in the lockdown of companies and employees. Working at home has eliminated the expenditure of allowances such as conveyance, food, crutches. According to a report, if the company does not pay this amount, then the employees will have to pay tax. WFH has increased electricity, internet, furniture and cost of living at home. In such a situation, employees can talk to companies and HR department for changes in their salary structure in view of these expenses.

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Many problems faced by companies and employees
WFH did not affect the work of companies even during the Corona period. This system also kept the job of employees safe. But this WFH has faced many problems in front of companies and employees regarding tax and reimbursement. Now, working from home, employees cannot claim food allowance. Employees say that due to WFH they can get any tax exemption. Companies around the world are working on how to adjust the special allowances their employees were getting earlier.

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Change in salary structure
According to a report, companies will have to take steps like change in salary structure only then in this new system, employees can be saved from additional tax burden. Apart from this, the decisions of the Income Tax Department will be seen that the employees do not have to face the new tension of tax in this corona period. Apart from this, there are many allowances, which are now going to be difficult due to non-spending. These include fuel or conveyance allowances on which WFH has stopped spending. The expenditure on HRA is also stopped due to the return of many people to their city because they have left the house.


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