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You can get 17 lakhs for this one coin, strong chance to become rich


You can get 17 lakhs for this one coin, strong chance to become rich 1

new Delhi. It takes a lot of hard work to earn money, but if you say that you can make a coin a millionaire, then how will it feel. Perhaps you feel like this dream, but the dream of becoming rich overnight is giving those who wish to become ‘bitcoin’ rich. It is not like a normal currency, but it is a virtual coin. You can get around 17 lakh rupees by selling this one coin. However, its price in the market keeps fluctuating.

What is bitcoin
Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It can be used for online payment. You can also exchange it in other currencies if you want. However, you cannot touch this coin like a hard coin. It is used for global payment. It is the most expensive currency in the world. This currency is kept in a digital wallet.

Rapidly increasing price
The cryptocurrency bitcoin, which resembles coin-like cryptocurrency, is growing rapidly in the market. It has increased its price by about 349 per cent in a year. The price of one bitcoin has reached 23243 USD (23243 USD). Talking about Indian currency, the value of one bitcoin is about 17 lakh 10 thousand rupees. If you have a bitcoin, you can become a millionaire by selling it.

How to buy or sell
Different trading platforms exist for buying and selling bitcoins in India. This includes Unocoin, Jebpay, CoinSecure, CoinMama, LocalBitCoin and Bitcoin ATM etc. You can also buy bitcoins in parts. One can invest in bitcoins with a minimum of Rs 1000. Investor must have PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter ID card to buy bitcoins. Also, they will have to share their phone number and bank account details. Since the price of bitcoin rises very fast, investing in it can prove beneficial.


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