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7 lakh crore rupees due to new stress of Corona, biggest drop in Sensex in seven and a half months


7 lakh crore rupees due to new stress of Corona, biggest drop in Sensex in seven and a half months 1

new Delhi. In the UK, new strains of the Corona virus and subsequent cancellation of flights have created pressure in the global market. Due to this, the Sensex closed with the second major fall in the fiscal year or, say, seven and a half months biggest. Due to which market investors suffered a loss of Rs 7 lakh crore in a single trading session. According to experts, apart from the straining of the new corona, profit booking is also a big reason. At present, the market was at its peak and profit booking was done by the investors.

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Closed with the biggest drop in two and a half months
Today, the stock market closed for the second or the last seven and a half months with the biggest fall. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s flagship index Sensex lost 1406.73 points to close at 45,553.96 points. While the Sensex touched 47 points last week. While the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty 50 fell by 432.15 points to close at 13328.40 points. There was heavy selling by foreign investors and CNX Midcap closed down by 1000 points. BSE Smallcap 812.11 and BSE Midcap 736.20 points closed down.

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How much decline in which sector

Sector Fall (in numbers)
Bse auto 961.93
Bank exchange 1354.79
Bank nifty 1258.20
Capital Goods 657.80
Consumer durables 1078.58
BSE FMCG 362.13
BSE Healthcare 787.85
BSE IT 392.84
Bse metal 688.00
oil and gas 862.11
BSE PSU 379.71
BSE Tech 210.08

More than 1000 points drop since April

In the current financial year, the stock market has seen the second biggest decline today. The biggest drop was seen on 4 May. When the Sensex closed down by 1065.76 points on 15 October 2002, it fell by 2 points. Earlier on April 1, the market closed down by 1200 points. On September 24, there was a decline of 1114.82 points. On April 21, the Sensex closed down by 1011.29 points.

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Shares with the most losses in NSE

company Share price Loss (in percentage)
ONGC 89.85 -9.24
Tata motors 164.55 -8.86
Gayle India 114.70 -8.28
Indian Oil Corporation 87.10 -7.29
Hindalco Industries 232.30 -7.04

Market investors lose Rs 7 lakh crore
Today, market investors have suffered a loss of Rs 7 lakh crore due to this major decline. In fact, the gain and loss of market investors are linked to the market cap of BSE. When the market closed today, the market cap of BSE was Rs 1,78,49,173.25 crore. Whereas in the last trading day last week, the market cap of BSE was Rs 1,85,38,636.70 crore. If you look at the difference of the market cap of both the days, the market has a loss of about 7 lakh crores.


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