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Ampleforth Price Prediction 2019 – Ampleforth (AMPL) IEO on Bitfinex


Ampleforth will be the first IEO on Bitfinex to be conducted on 13th June. The token sale of Ampleforth will be conducted on Tokinex, an IEO platform launched by Bitfinex to conduct IEOs. KYC process for the token sale is governed by Blockpass- A blockchain based identity verification platform. We will now cover Ampleforth price prediction and project details.

What is Ampleforth (AMPL)?

Ampleforth is a blockchain based Smart Money or Cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is unique due to its elastic supply model and uncorrelated nature with other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

What is Elasticity supply model and How it works?

The Ampleforth has attracted the crypto enthusiast because of this feature. The Ampleforth protocol will change the supply of its tokens in users wallet on a pro rata basis. i.e. the number of the token will increase or decrease based on the price volatility of its token. This will ensure that the price of the token is not shooting up or down drastically. AMPL will not be affected by the price change of Bitcoin or other popular currency due to its elastic supply model.

Is this a Stable Coin?

AMPL is not a stable coin. The price of the token can go beyond $1, the market will decide the price, but the price will be maintained to be macro economical. The price deviations will result in supply change of AMPL once in every 24 hours.

Who is behind the project?

The project is backed by the most influential people and organisation in the blockchain industry. Few among them are Pantera Capital, Brian Armstrong – Coinbase CEO and Cofounder, FBG and Houbi Capital. The project is getting guidance and advisory from Augur CEO, and a renowned professor from Stanford University.

AMPL IEO Details

Total Token Supply : 50,000,000 AMPL

Token Type : ERC20

Contribution Currency : BTC

Token Price : 0.98 USD equivalent

Token Sale Goal : 614.554 BTC ~ 5,012,333 USD

Maximum Contribution : 0.627 BTC ~ 5,114 USD

Minimum Contribution : 0.0025 BTC ~ 20 USD

Ampleforth Price Prediction – Competitor Model

The project currently has no competitor. Can it be compared with Stable coin? One can say so, but the fundamental of the currency is very different from Stablecoin. However, the project in medium terms goals looks like a Maker DAO model. If we compare AMPL with Maker DAO, Maker DAO’s current MCAP is $747,455,172, which is 152X from the current public sale hardcap of AMPL.

Considering the Medium terms Goals: AMPL has a very high chance to get a Market CAP of 10X from public sale. Long run: 152X is a tough game for AMPL as the market has seen the burst of 2017 ICO bubble.

Ampleforth Price Prediction – IEO Trend Model

With the start of the IEO trend from Jan 2019, most of the project has achieved 3X+ ROI from IEO. Few successful projects like Matic, Celer ( Not relevant to this project) has even crossed 8X within a fortnight after IEO. Considering this, AMPL has a very high chance to get 4X-5X on the listing.

P.S: Note that these price predictions are based on some data, which we collect from various sources and internal research. Price prediction may differ, and we request our reader that not to be dependent on this solely.

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