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Ultra Price Prediction 2019 – Ultra (UOS) IEO on Bitfinex


Ultra (UOS) will be the next and the 3rd IEO on Tokinex. Tokenix is a cryptocurrency token sale platform launched by Bitfinex. Ultra IEO token sale will be conducted on 16th July at 11:00 AM UTC. We are back again to predict update on IEO of Ultra Price Prediction

The token sale of the UOS will be based on FCFS format on Tokenix. The maximum contribution limit per person will be 2,500 USD. The Hardcap of the will be 5,000,000 USD for 10% of the total supply.

What is Ultra?

Ultra is a protocol and platform built to disrupt the USD 140bn gaming industry with the help EOS blockchain. Ultra will allow anyone to create and operate their game distribution platform or virtual goods trading service.

Ultra is here to break the monopoly created by the most significant player in the gaming industry like Steam, Google, and Apple. The Ultra protocol will unlock new opportunities for both the developers and players.

UOS will be the token that will fuel the Ultra protocol. The token will help the players to purchase games and virtual assets on the platform. It will also allow the developers to purchase ads unit using the token. Ultra will accept payment from the traditional payment methods like Paypal and Credit card.

Benefits of Ultra

For Players

    • Can earn money by participating in beta testing, watching ads and curating games
    • Earn coins on referring a friend
    • Play exclusive AAA games.
    • Earn coins by reselling the games.

For Developers

    • Earn revenue for ads
    • Instant payout instead of waiting for 60 days
    • Smooth migration for the games built on Steam, Xbox or PlayStation.

Ultra Partnership

    • Ultra has partnered itself with Crypto-Games, a blockchain-based gaming community.
    • Point95 A digital asset management platform
    • Ultra also has other popular Master Ventures, IBC, and Vrroom

Ultra Vs. Other Related Project

Ultra is developing a gaming protocol and platform that enable the user to develop and built their games on the blockchain. Intensely few projects are working on similar goals; one of the popular among them is Enjin. Enjin is currently valued at USD 77.58 Million, the all-time high market cap of Enjin was around 368 Million.

Ultra Price Prediction  – Competitors Model

Ultra is entering into the most exciting field of Blockchain industry – Gaming. It can attract masses. Especially gamers loves to collect things, remember Pokemon.

Gamers can do anything to collect their most favourite collectible. They can learn Blockchain as well. The primary competitor for Ultra is currently Enjin. Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a cryptocurrency fueling used for creating, integrating and scaling tokenised gaming assets backed with real-world value.

Enjin raised USD 22.96 Million in 2017 for 40% of the total token supply. The token was listed below the ICO price and later did ~5X in terms of USD. Ultra is raising funds at the right moment. Considering the current market condition to be good. Ultra can easily do 3X on the listing. Good for a flip. 

A very high chance that within a few Months, Ultra will do 4X considering the project and competitors market. Provided that the project completes the task laid in the roadmap and can attract the developer community.

Ultra Price Prediction – Bitfinex Launchpad Model

Bitfinex so far has conducted 2 IEOs, and both of them has given good returns. Dusk and Ampleforth were the previous IEO which recently raised fund on Bitfinex.

All these IEO on the listing day has performed around 1.5X+

AMPL – 1.6X on listing, we also predicted on ampleforth price prediction
DUSK – 3.4X on listing

While AMPL and DUSK are currently trading 1.6X and 1.4X respectively, considering the Bitfinex based IEOs, a very high chance the Ultra will open at 2X on listing day.

Conclusion: Ultra is an good project for a flip and long term we are neutral. Overall average possibilities for the project is around 2X – 3.5X

P.S: Note that these price predictions are based on some data, which we collect from various sources and internal research. Price prediction may differ, and we request our reader that not to be dependent on this solely.

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