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Bigg Boss 14: Ali Goni said- If parents don’t agree, then I will break up with Jasmine Bhasin


In the reality show Bigg Boss 14, the pairing of Agi Goni and Jasmine Bhasin is being well liked. The two are often seen spending time together. Although Ali and Jasmine have not yet spoken openly about their relationship, but in Monday’s episode, the two were seen talking about marriage. The show showed Ali and Jasmine lying on the bed. Ali’s head is on Jasmine’s lap.

Ali says, “Now I will go out, find a girl, make a girlfriend or I will spend time first, then know that it does not turn out well.” Then, after giving so much time, I did not feel like, his time will be wasted. That’s why I think your setting is fine with you. ”

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During this, Rakhi Sawant asks Ali Goni, if Jasmine does not accept Bhasin’s parents? To this Ali said, “Then I will stop talking to Jasmine.” He further said that he will not go against Jasmine’s parents. Jasmine tears up on hearing Ali’s words.

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In a recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode, a fan spoke to Ali Goni. He said, “You are going very well, brother.” Keep on like this. Going out ahead, you are also going to get Valentine. Ali replied, “Who is it?” Have you seen anywhere? “Then the fan says,” Sir, all is well visible. “

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