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Bigg Boss 14: Shardul Pandit has now opened Kavita Kaushik’s poll, said- the time has come to tell the truth about them


Shardul Pandit has been telling the truth of all the contestants present in the house since he came out of Bigg Boss. Recently, after Jan Kumar Sanu, Shardul has spoken about Kavita Kaushik. Shardul says, Kavita used to follow me every day that Shardul comes in a shower, you look like Hrithik Roshan. Look, we are fighting and we will come out and fight. In a recent episode I saw her crying and she was saying that Bigg Boss get me out of the house. So now the time has come to tell the truth about them.

Shardul says, ‘Let me tell you that Kavita is not bad of heart. She cooks well and used to ask if anyone else would eat? And Ron (Kavita Kaushik’s husband Ronit Biswas) misses you a lot. Oh yes, she sleeps with 4 sheets, so it feels cold.

Life was exposed before this

Earlier, while revealing the life of Jaan, Shardun had said, ‘When I said that I will disclose about John Kumar Sanu, I got a message from his account that I hope this disclosure is sweet. Hey brother, do you have to pay my electricity bill? Want to pay rent?

Shardul further said, ‘Jan Kumar Sanu is a very lovely person. There are very good friends, but as soon as the house light goes off, John raises his hand and starts itching continuously for 7 minutes. I, Pavitra Punia, Ejaz Khan and Nikki Tamboli are also witnesses of this. Now whether this disclosure is right for you or what spoils me. I just had to tell.

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