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Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card In India

  • With the lift of the ban on cryptocurrencies in India, the crypto community is now able to buy bitcoin with credit card in India.
  • Many of the exchanges are now offering the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be bought through credit cards.
  • The fees charged varies from one cryptocurrency exchange to another.

All the Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges have restarted their services and have re-integrated with the banking solutions in India after a two-year-long fight against the Reserve Bank of India by the Indian Cryptocurrency community. Now that the Supreme Court has lifted the ban, Indians are now able to trade in cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

Here is some useful information that all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts could utilise in buying and selling cryptocurrencies with credit card. In order to purchase bitcoin using credit card you need to follow basic steps before purchasing it. Below are the steps which will guide you to purchase bitcoin with credit card.

Basic Steps to Buy Bitcoin

Now that all the bans on cryptocurrencies have been lifted in India all interested individuals can easily buy the cryptocurrencies using credit card. The basic steps that are involved in the purchase are as follows-

Step 1- Select the right exchange that accepts many payment options including credit card.

Step 2- Create your personal account and complete the KYC(Know Your Customer) and add in the card details. Wait for the cards to get verified.

Step 3- Once the account gets verified, one can buy the cryptocurrencies.

Step 4- Once all the payment is done, the bought coins get accumulated in your wallet.

Where to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card In India


You got the process but the one question that comes to your mind where to buy, which one to trust, what are the popular exchanges that allows you to purchase bitcoin using credit card. We have curated the list of exchanges which currently allows you to buy it with credit card in India.


Bitbns is an Indian exchange, which allows you to buy bitcoin and 74 other altcoin on their platform currently. The exchange has partnered with Mobikwik to facilitate credit card based INR deposit. To purchase bitcoin, users need to deposit the FIAT using mobikwik and then can go to the BTC/INR pair to purchase it from the open order book.

Fees: The exchange is charging 1.5% + 18% GST = 1.77% as transaction fees


The exchange was shut during the restriction, came back after the Banking ban was lifted. The exchange allows you to purchase 4 cryptocurrency. The exchange has also integrate mobikwik payment gateway.

Fees: The exchange is charging 2.0% including GST as transaction fees

International Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card In India


Coinmama is a wallet based platform that allows you to buy Bitcoin and 7 other cryptocurrencies through credit card. The interface is user-friendly which makes the experience more convenient . However, the fees charged by the website seems to be a bit high. It does accept Mastercard and VISA cards.

Fees charged– 4.99% + 0.5% transaction fee


This is the France based exchange that has been popular in selling cryptocurrencies. The exchange started by selling bitcoins first. The exchange supports debit and credit cards as they support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Maestro powered debit/credit cards.

Fees charged– 3.9% + 0.25% to 8.75% transaction fees.


This is the European exchange that offers its services to European countries and a few other non-European countries. The website charges low fees comparatively and has a simple process for registration and verification. However, the website asks for a deposit from your credit card first before you could make any transactions. Also, there is a limit on the deposit that you can make.

Fees Charged– 5% + 5.9% transaction fee


This has been the popular exchange among cryptocurrency investors. It offers nine major cryptocurrencies and has an advanced trading platform with reasonable fees making it the popular one. It accepts VISA and MasterCard.

Fees charged– 2.99% +0.25% or less transaction cost.

Pros and cons of buying BTC using credit card


  • Buying with credit card makes it easy and quick to buy the cryptocurrencies while the bank and other wire transfers take a few days to carry out the transactions.
  • The process is pretty simple and makes it simpler for beginners.
  • The efficient and quick process provides more security for the users.
  • Most cards give you 30 -50 days to pay anything purchased with a credit card. It’s an advantage to buy now and pay later.


  • Even though buying cryptocurrencies through a credit card is quick and simple, The charges are very high for fees of the transaction.
  • There are purchase limits placed on buying the cryptocurrencies, the limits are placed to avoid the risks involved in the purchasing
  • Buying cryptocurrency can also put you in danger. If you are planning to repay after making profit within the credit period.

FAQ’s on Buying Bitcoin with Credit Card In India

1) How safe is it in providing the personal details?

– There should be no risk as such in providing the details as the service providers always keep a tab on all these activities. However, to be more vigilant one could always keep a tab on the service providers on the tabs that you have submitted and if there seems to be an illegal activity you could take required steps by yourselves.

2) Is it possible to buy Bitcoin without any verification?

– These days the processes have become more strict, every country is trying to get their cryptocurrencies regulated. Because of which KYC and providing other information is mandatory.

3) Why are Bitcoin purchases through a credit card expensive?

– The credit card service provider charges the exchange for every transaction, which exchanges collect from its end users. The transaction fees are usually the same for other merchants too. But they are not borne by the customer. However, the fees might get reduced once the cryptocurrencies become more popular in the general public.

4) What are the advance fees?

– This is the fees that are sometimes charged by the credit cards while purchasing the cryptocurrencies depending on the bank that the credit card belongs to. There will be other additional charges from the brokers as well. The users buying the cryptocurrencies need to check the rates before making the transactions.

5) Can I buy bitcoin from International Exchange

No, India citizens are restricted to trade on international exchanges. Remittance of Money to oversea exchange is restricted. FEMA act restrict India to trade on foreign exchange.

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