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Centre’s exercise: change in e-commerce policy soon


Centre's exercise: change in e-commerce policy soon 1

New Delhi. To make small vendors a priority on e-commerce platforms, the government will change the e-commerce policy. For this, the government is preparing a draft. The government wants to ensure equal treatment and transparency with vendors on the platforms of e-commerce companies. After criticism against the business practice of big online companies, the government has decided to change the e-commerce policy. There have been some complaints from consumers and some small retailers about the behavior followed by e-commerce companies.

Discussion for several months-
India has been discussing a new e-commerce policy for several months. Small sellers have accused large e-commerce companies such as Flipkart and Amazon of violating federal regulations. The companies have however denied the allegations. Amazon has preferred a small group of vendors on the Indian platform and has used ADI rules bypassing them.

Algorithms should not be biased –
According to the latest policy documents, the government says that operators should be fair in their dealings with vendors. It added that e-commerce operators should ensure equal treatment and treatment of all vendors registered on their platforms. It has also been said that operators should not adopt algorithms that prioritize select vendors. This type of behavior is not right.

Meeting with business organizations-
The Department of Industry and Internal Trade Promotion will hold a meeting with industry and trade organizations this month on the issue of FDI in the e-commerce sector. A meeting with merchant association CAT on this issue will take place on 17 March. A meeting with industry organizations has been called on 19 March. Apart from this, a continuous meeting will be held with all the ministries and various companies related to the sector from 22 March.

Decision will be taken after the meetings
There will be a meeting with the trade organization CAT on 17 March.
Meeting called with industry organizations on 19 March.
There will be a meeting with ministries and companies from 22 March.

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