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Coronavirus Outbreak Can be tracked Through Blockchain-Based App




  • Acoer, introduces the application to track the outbreak of the Coronavirus using the Hedera Hashgraph.
  • The outbreak of the Coronavirus has been declared as the global emergency by the World Health organisation, and according to the numbers, the outbreak has resulted in the death of 500 lives globally. Ten thousand more confirmed cases of the epidemic have been identified.

Acoer, the Atlanta based software development firm which builds blockchain-based applications, has announced that it has been making efforts to be helpful in the health crisis related to the Coronavirus. It has been helping the healthcare and the life sciences to track and visualise the outbreak of the Coronavirus using its HashLog data visualization engine.

The blockchain-based application has been built to interact in real-time with Hedera Hashgraph. Hedera Hashgraph is the enterprise-grade distributed public ledger that allows researchers, scientists, and journalists to understand the trends of the virus over time.

Hashlog mainly provides the information regarding-

  • Confirmed cases
  • Deaths and recoveries per hundred infections
  • Trends over time
  • Interactive details with dynamic sort and filtering capabilities
  • Ability to download or extract the visualisations

Jim Naser, the CEO of Acoer, said, “There is a growing supply of data about the virus, but the information is not necessarily easy to visualize, consume, or extract in a simple way.” He has further explained, “Particularly with my own public health background and tenure at the CDC, we are also huge believers that supporting public health is an incredibly important mission and as much as we can do, it is our responsibility to innovate to enhance it.”

Mance Harmon, the CEO of the Hedera Hashgraph, said, “Acoer’s work to make this Coronavirus data so easy to visualize and understand is a great example of this, and we commend them for this innovative use of DLT for the public good.”

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