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Kangana Ranaut told Joe Biden ‘Ghajini’, said – will not last more than a year


Kangana Ranaut has tweeted the result of the recent presidential election in America. Along with this, Kangna has also praised Kamala Harris, the Vice President of US. Kangana wrote, ‘Don’t trust Ghajini Biden whose data crashes every 5 minutes. All the injections of medicines which have been injected into them will not last more than a year. ‘

Kangana further wrote to Kamala Harris, ‘When a woman rises up, she makes way for every woman. Congratulations on this historic day. ‘

Kangana’s brother will get married soon

Kangana’s younger brother Akshat is married on November 12. It is going to be a destination wedding. The entire Ranaut family will leave for Udaipur. The actress has given information about this by tweeting to the fans. Along with this, Kangana has shared childhood photo with brother Akshat, which Kangana became very emotional while sharing.

Kangana wrote, ‘Akshat’s face in this photo reminds me of the old days. I used to bother him when he was growing up. He used to do something with him, in which he used to be my partner. Today my little bholu has grown. Man has become. I remember those childhood days, it seems as if tomorrow is the case. ‘

Kangana further wrote, ‘This is a wonderful time for me and the whole family. I am hosting Bhai’s wedding, which is a destination wedding in Udaipur. Just leaving for parents’ house. Due to Corona, very few people will be involved in it, but the celebration of celebration is the same as it was before.

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