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Litecoin Price Prediction – LTC to break $125 in 2019


Litecoin is the second most popular peer to peer cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Litecoin was developed in October 2011 by a former employee of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA at that time.

Litecoin(LTC) was developed by Charlie Lee to solve the speed issues which existed in Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin network takes 10 minutes to confirm a block. To overcome this problem. Litecoin was implemented by a hardfork of Bitcoin blockchain. The hardfork improved the speed efficiency of the block by 4 times i.e confirming a block within 4 minutes. The total supply of Litecoin is 84 Million only, which is again 4 times of Bitcoin Blockchain.

Price Analysis of Litecoin:
Currently, Litecoin is trading at $58.56. The price has surged in the last 30 days. At the beginning of Feb, the price of LTC was $32.83, Towards the end of Feb, Price surged and closed at $46.24.

Expert claims that the price of LTC has surged due to the litecoin Halving date is nearing. Litecoin Halving is expected to happen in 134 Days ( as on 26th Mar 2019).


Litecoin Price Prediction 2019 – Trend & Patterns (Historical)

Litecoin price will surge before the litecoin halving. The price surge seems to be historical. A similar trend was found in 2015 during Litecoin halving.

Litecoin Price Prediction - LTC halving 2019

The price of LTC in Jan 2015 was around $1.12 and it rose to a high of $8.72 in July and dropped to $4 just before Litecoin halving. Litecoin may cross $100 if the historical chart repeats again in 2019.

Litecoin Price Prediction 2019 – Industry opinions

Beincrypto: According to their research, it has been predicted that the price of LTC will reach $124 in around May 2019 before the Litecoin Halving and towards the end of 2019 the price of LTC will be corrected back to $70.

U Today: According to their research, they predict the price of LTC will be around $80 – $100 at the end of 2019.

Oracle Times: According to their research, the price of LTC will have the potential to reach around $150 – $230 towards the end of 2019

Litecoin Price Prediction – Forecast in Future ( 2020+)

Coinswitch – A Cryptocurrency aggregator platform claim that the price of Litecoin will be $500 in 2020. The price at the start of 2020 will be around $250 and it will go up till $500 and retrace to $470 at the end of the year.

What do you think? What will be the ATH Price LTC in 2019?

    1. Below $100
    2. $100 – $200
    3. $200 – $400
    4. Above $400

Choose your option & comment your price prediction Below ? & let’s find more accurate prediction from market sentiments.

P.S: Note these price prediction on based on some data we collected from various source and internal research. Price prediction may differ and we request our reader that not to solely be dependent on this.

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