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Lockdown was not easy for Sargun Mehta, said- due to mood swings, I started getting angry on small things.


For actress Sargun Mehta, the start of the lockdown was very disturbing, neither going out to meet someone, nor any shooting, they found it very difficult. Like many others, he faced fluctuations in his quarantine.

Sargun told how she got into trouble at the beginning of the lockdown and how her husband Ravi Dubey handled her mood swings and helped her come out of it.

Sargun said, “During the lockdown I saw different phases. There were days when I used to get very angry and irritable. Initially, I used to get irritated over small things. I remember how I used to get up at midnight and ask Ravi to take me to meet his mother. My emotions fluctuated a lot. Thank God, Ravi has been very stable during the epidemic. He understood my madness in peace. He used to assure me that everything would be alright soon and after such mood swings slowly returned to normal. ”

He also shared how activities such as cooking and dancing kept him happy during his stay at home.

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Sargun said, “I like to dance. So I tried to keep myself busy learning new forms of dance. I also made videos of myself dancing. Also I have cooked food and I have realized that if no one has learned to cook during lockdown then he would be the laziest person on the planet. I have cooked so much food that I feel that now when I go to the restaurant after this, I will be able to say, ‘Hey, I make it better than that!’. “

When asked if the current pandemic helped change his outlook on life, Sargun replied honestly, ‘No’.

The actress said, “It did not change my outlook on life. But, yes, it made me realize what kind of people I like in life. I realized that I don’t like people who are practical. “

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