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Ranveer gets scolded by Deepika during Instagram Live, while Ayushmann Khurrana said – Bhabhi is scolding


Ayushmann Khurrana recently came on Instagram Live and he also joined Ranveer Singh on Instagram. Ranveer was up from his sleep and was fixing his hair. Ayushmann also removes his cap upon seeing Ranveer. After this, both of them start laughing loudly and then Ranveer says, ‘Ok Chalo bye bye, your sister-in-law is scolding, saying I am doing a zoom call, don’t scream’.

After Ranveer leaves, Ayushmann tells the fans that he has left because the sister-in-law is scolding him.

When Ranveer said to Deepika – Baby you stop, I tell you

A few days ago Ranveer chatted live on Instagram with Indian team footballer Sunil Chhetri. During this time it was also revealed that Ranveer is not a good badminton player. In the video, Sunil tells Ranveer that Deepika had told me that when you played the game with Deepika, you only got 3 points. But you also got those 3 points because you are the son-in-law of Prakash Padukone.

After hearing this from Sunil, Ranveer shouts, ‘Baby … you are exposing me. You stop, I tell you ‘.

Listening to Ranveer, Sunil laughs out loud. Meanwhile Deepika brings her hands up in the frame and thums up.

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Ranveer adopted this maneuver to impress Deepika

During this, Sunil told that when he talked to Deepika, he told how Ranveer always used to send flowers to her when dating because Deepika loved flowers.

He also said that when Deepika was telling him this thing, there was a different happiness in his talk. Listening to Sunil, Ranveer laughs and says, “Look at the young gentlemen of today and learn from me this is patna, this is a maneuver.”

After this Ranveer says, ‘I knew that Deepika loves flowers so whenever she came from the shoot, I used to take flowers for her. Sometimes if she used to shoot somewhere, I would go there with flowers. Actually, it was only after 6 months of dating that I came to know that Deepika was made for me and I always tried to keep her happy in my life.

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