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Shekhar Suman met Sushant Singh Rajput’s father, how is his condition


Shekhar Suman met Sushant Singh Rajput’s father on Monday evening at his Patna house. After meeting Sushant’s father, he told on social media how the actor’s father is doing. He wrote, ‘met Sushant’s father and tried to share his grief. We sat together for a few moments and we had a little talk. They are still in deep shock. I think the best way to express your grief is to be silent ‘.

Suicide doesn’t kill

Talking to the media, Shekhar said that Sushant’s death is not suicide but murder. What is visible to our eyes seems to be much more than that. The way a script was prepared after Sushant’s death. That showed it to be a suicide that is being murdered somewhere. It is not a suicide but a suspicious death. We have no proof that if the investigation is done then everything will come to light. Shekhar said that he will convey his point to the Chief Minister.

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Shekhar Suman is scared of his son after Sushant’s death

Shekhar said during an interview, ‘I can feel the pain of Sushant’s father because my son studies like him has gone through depression. The film industry created many difficulties for him. Once he told me that the idea of ​​committing suicide was coming to his mind.

Shekhar told that when the study spoke of suicide, he was surprised. They also started feeling scared. He then explained to the study that life is the name of fighting. Shekhar said, ‘We did not leave the study alone again. Family members live around studying. ‘

Shekhar told that many times he used to get up at 4 am and go to study room. He never gave up and stood firm with the study.

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