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The vacant roof of the house can also earn millions, SOLAR Plant is a better option


The vacant roof of the house can also earn millions, SOLAR Plant is a better option 1

new Delhi. Many people have lost their jobs during the lockdown. In this case, they have become very limited by earning in front of them. If you are also worried about all these things, then you can earn good sitting at home by planting SOLAR Plant. For this you do not even need to go anywhere. You can install it on the empty roof of your house.

You can earn by selling solar power generated by installing Solar Panel Energy Plant on top of your roof. To get it installed, financial and technical support is also given by the government, this will not put a burden on your pocket. You can also get subsidy by applying these systems from the central and state government.

Solar Hybrid System can sell electricity
Using the Solar Hybrid System, you can also generate electricity as well as save it in the battery and you can also sell the electricity generated by it. In general, a 1 kW solar system requires 100 sq ft of space to be installed. At the same time, this solar system is sufficient for the needs of a family in 200 to 300 square feet.

Solar panel installation process
To make good money by installing solar panels, extensive use is necessary. So you can join the Raceco project. With this, you can earn profits from the company by installing panels on the roof of the house. To get Subsidy Solar Panel installed at your home, first contact such a company. After this, the company takes stock by sending its officer to the customers’ house and tells how many kW panels are to be installed. When the Solar Panel Installation is done, the company uploads its information on the government website. Teams are sent by the government to investigate this. If everything is found right, you are given subsidy from the government.


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