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Video: ‘Laxman’ from Ramayana narrates a funny anecdote, pranks with Ramanand Sagar’s assistant on the set


The serial Ramayana prevalent amid the lockdown was telecast again. Once upon a time, this serial got a lot of love from the audience. Its cast of serial re-telecasts once again came into the limelight. Sunil Lahiri, who plays Laxman in the Ramayana, often narrates stories during the shooting. Now he has again narrated an anecdote that he used to prank a lot on the sets during the shooting.

He has shared a video of himself on Twitter account. He says, ‘The empty mind is the house of the devil. In those days my mind was very devilish. One day when I woke up in the morning, I saw that I was sitting in Lalita Pawar and Ramanand Sagar’s assistant Mr. Chandekar, one of the accessories used during the wedding in the garden. Chandekar’s age was also around Lalita ji’s age. Both were taking tea sips. ‘

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He further said, ‘At that time the idea came to my mind. When he later came to meet me, I told him that today when you were sitting with Madam, both of you looked very good and are showing a lot of love. What’s the matter, do you have a soft corner for them? He was ashamed to hear this. I told him that Lalita ji was asking about you how Chandekar is, what do you think about him. These kinds of things. ‘

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Sunil said that he got excited and went away from there with a slight blush. After a while he came ready. He asked me how I look but I said very good. He told me that I am going to see Madam. I said definitely go. May be a matter of yours and madam. Because Madam was also alone. So we had such fun with him.

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