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Views of ‘Ashram’ web series crossed one billion, know what Prakash Jha said on the controversies


Bobby Deol’s lead role web series ‘Ashram’ is very much liked by the people. Now Prakash Jha, director of the web series has claimed that 100 million people have seen this web series so far. Earlier in November, Prakash Jha claimed that the web series had received over 40 crore views. The second part of the series was not released then. In an interview, Prakash Jha said that such a large number of views is proof that people are very fond of it. He said that the views prove its popularity even after controversies. Notices were issued to filmmaker Prakash Jha and actor Bobby Deol regarding the web series.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, Prakash Jha said that when you create something that affects people on a large scale, it is bound to be polarized and opposed. Rejecting allegations of misrepresentation of Hinduism, Prakash Jha said that nothing like this has been done. Apart from this, no religion has been named in the series.

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He said that the viewership number is the answer to every dispute. Prakash Jha said that the views were continuously increasing, but for me the figure of 1 billion is surprising. This shows us that people like to see this kind of content. However, I do not even know why I like it.

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He said about the controversy over the web series and the notice received from Karni Sena that after all, who are we to give the Judgment. People’s choice and viewership is enough to decide any negative goodwill. Regarding the story of the web series, Prakash Jha said that we had shown about the conspiracy of Baba Nirala in the first season. Now next season the downfall of Baba Nirala will be shown. Apart from this, he said that what people are thinking of as Ashram season 2 is not the second season but the second part of the first season itself. The second season is still in the works.

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