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After marriage, husband went on a drive with Sana Khan, some came in this style


Sana Khan has married Maulana Mufti Anas a few days ago. Sana surprised fans by sharing Nikah’s photo. Now after marriage, Maulana Mufti went on a drive with Sana. Maulana Mufti has shared the video on Instagram Story which Sana has shot. The video shows the Mufti driving a car.

At the same time, Sana shared photos of Biryani made by her mother-in-law on Instagram stories. While sharing photos Sana wrote, Sasu Maa is making biryani for me.

Sana has also shared photos of her mehndi. Sharing these photos, Sana wrote, ‘If my love had not been so pak, my mehndi color would not have been so dark.’

After marrying Sana, Maulana Mufti wrote a special message for him, ‘And what are the values ​​of your Lord you will deny. Thank you for coming to my life and making a beautiful journey. Thank you for your love and support. ‘

Please tell that Sana marched in Surat with Maulana Mufti Anas in the presence of family members. A few days ago, Sana announced on social media to leave the entertainment industry. Sana Khan wrote a long post on her Instagram account, thanking fans for the reason, as well as the reason behind leaving Bollywood.

Posting on Instagram, Sana Khan wrote, “Brothers and sisters, today I am talking to you at an important point in my life. I have been living the life of the showbiz film industry for years and in this time I have got luck, respect and wealth on behalf of my loved ones, for which I am thankful to them, but this feeling has occupied me for some days. Has it been that the purpose of man’s entry into the world is only that he earns wealth and fame? “

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He further wrote- Does not he think that he should live his life in the help of those who are helpless and helpless? Shouldn’t that person think that he can die at any time? And what will happen to him after he dies. I am looking for answers to both these questions from time to time, especially this second question, what will happen to me after death?

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