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Sacred Games actress came in support of Anurag Kashyap, said – I was not comfortable so he changed the sex scene


Many celebs have come forward in their support after Anurag Kashyap was accused of sexual harassment. Actress Elnaz Naoroji, who has now worked with Anurag, has shared an anecdote supporting the director. Elnaz Naoroji wrote, ‘I remember I was ready to leave Sacred Games because I was not comfortable doing a sex scene. After the conversation between the production team and my team, Anurag sir messaged me, listen you are not disturbed. Trust me, I find some solution. I had shot with him only one day in season 1 and I didn’t know him well. ‘

I was very upset the day this scene was to be shot. ‘I was feeling that now that I am on the set, these people will shoot me somehow and I will not be able to refuse because I was already told that the script will not be changed. Then Anurag sir called me on the set and started telling Sean about how he would shoot it. I was not uncomfortable at all to shoot what I was told. I was crying. I did not expect at all that he would think that much about me. After completing the shoot, I started crying in my vanity and I sent him a long message saying thank you.

Elnaz finally wrote, ‘Not only Bollywood but there should be people like Anurag all over the world. Thank you Anurag you kept me safe on the set ‘.

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Anurag explained

Anurag had given several tweets while giving his clarification on this matter. He wrote, It took so much time to try to silence me. Come on, no one. While silencing me, he lied so much that being a woman, he dragged other women along. Be modest, ma’am. Just say that all your allegations are baseless. The rest accusing me, dragging my artists and Bachchan family together, could not even kill me.

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