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Three cases of corona were found in Boney Kapoor’s house, Jahnavi said- We were all very nervous for 5-6 days.


3 staff of Bollywood actress Jahnavi Kapoor’s house recently turned out to be Corona positive, causing a stir in Bollywood. After this, the corona test of Boney Kapoor, Jahnavi and Khushi was done, in which all three were found negative. Now Jahnavi Kapoor told that after this incident all the people of the house were shaken from inside.

During the conversation with Filmfare, Jahnavi Kapoor said, “We were enjoying the lockdown because we have got a lot of time to spend with each other this time.” But, when we got three cases of corona in our house, we were really nervous for 5-6 days. It was so funny that no one came out of our house gate. So I could not understand how this happened. Right now I am spending a lot of time with my father. ”

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“Even now if my father needs hot water at night, I will go to the kitchen wearing gloves and masks and bring water for him.” It is not that they need it but for security. It is a message to everyone that hot water should be drunk at home. I am glad that I have this responsibility. I keep checking Khushi and Dad in between. I felt that I should keep these things under my control. ”

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